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A Guiding Wind/Conversations

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Daniel: Commander, how are you? Staring at the sea, I see...
Ike: I know you... You're Jorge, right? You make weapons for us.
Daniel: No. Jorge buys used ware. I'm his twin brother. Well, mostly his twin. He has blond hair, you see. My name is Daniel. Just remember that I have brown hair and that Jorge has blond, and you'll be fine.
Ike: Brown hair, Daniel, and weapons... Blond hair, Jorge, and items... I think I'll remember.
Daniel: Fantastic. Say, can I ask you a quick question? You're a battle expert, right? You've fought a lot?
Ike: Enough, yeah. What is it?
Daniel: Picture this. Let's say there are two ships. And suppose there are planks connecting the ships at three different points.
Ike: All right. I'm picturing it.
Daniel: Now then, soldiers from one ship are about to attack the other one. Imagine that the defending side has fewer soldiers. If they want to mount a solid defense, what should they do?
Ike: It seems clear enough to me. Position the soldiers with the best defense on the planks, soldiers like cavaliers and knights.
Daniel: I see. So you would hold the enemy at bay by using your strongest allies to block the primary crossing points!
Ike: Then, you'd want to have your long-range attackers line up behind the tougher units barring the bridges. I'm talking about anyone with javelins, axes, or magic. You'd be able to do a lot of damage without much risk.
Daniel: Sounds like a good plan seems rough on the soldiers defending the bridges.
Ike: You would want to heal them often, obviously, but maybe there's a way to reduce how much damage they take.
Daniel: It's a stretch, but what if I don't have them attack at all? That way, they won't run the risk of getting any counterattacks!
Ike: Hmm... That's not a bad idea.
Daniel: Great! Thanks. That gave me some good ideas.
Ike: Ideas? For what?
Daniel: Oh, my brother and I have been playing a wargame. I've lost four times in a row.
Ike: A wargame?
Daniel: We'll let you join if you bring some parchment and a quill. Come see us anytime if you're curious. See you later.
Ike: Maybe I shouldn't have been so serious with him...


Aimee: Well, well! If it isn't our commander! What brings you down here?
Ike: I was just on my way to the deck.
Aimee: Oh, I see. That's too bad. I had a story I wanted to share with you.
Ike: A story?
Aimee: Hm mm. And quite a ripping yarn it is, too. Interested?
Ike: Well... Not really.
Aimee: Oh, you're so rude! And after you were so sweet the other day!
Ike: What are you going on about?
Aimee: When those crows attacked... I had wanted to see what they looked like, so I was hiding on the deck, watching. I had heard they could fly, of course, but I had no idea they could fight! I thought one of them had the drop on you, and I couldn't help myself! I cried out, "Commander, watch out!"
Ike: I thought I'd heard a strange, shrieking sound. That was you?
Aimee: And upon hearing my sweet voice, Commander, you turned around and brought down that crow with one shot! It was awe inspiring.
Ike: Not really. He was exhausted from the battle. He could barely move.
Aimee: And that's when you first caught my eye, my dynamic young commander!
Ike: Is that why your hand always lingers on mine when you hand me my equipment?
Aimee: Oh, no! Have I been too... obvious?
Ike: Maybe I should send one of the others down to pick up our gear from now on...
Aimee: Hm. You're embarrassed, aren't you? You're so cute when you're being coy! But once I set my sights on a man, I never let him get away. Remember that.


Ike: Hey.
Jill: What do you want?
Ike: Is there any reason you're still on our ship? The crows are gone. The truce is over, isn't it?
Jill: ... I have a duty. As a Daein soldier, I cannot allow a Crimean princess and her band of mercenaries to run free where they will.
Ike: If you want to start a fight, you're on the right path. Think you can take us all on your own? Because if you want to get your friends, I won't stop you from leaving the ship.
Jill: Watching you all fight those crows like a band of street rats with sticks, I could see you were no match for me. But even if I were to leave this ship, the land is too far away for me to reach.
Ike: Nonsense. I can see land in the distance from time to time, and I thought you could go anywhere on that wyvern of yours.
Jill: No wyvern could fly that far without resting, and these islands are thick with half-beast scum. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't leave this ship.
Ike: Then let me ask you, why did you follow us alone knowing that?
Jill: I wanted to be recognized... I wanted my deeds to earn me fame. A soldier has little else to strive for...
Ike: And yet you soldiers sneer at mercenaries. At least we fight for something real. There are some dumb soldiers in this world.
Jill: ...
Ike: You leave us no choice. I'll take you as far as Begnion.
Jill: ...
Ike: But as long as you're on my ship, you will not utter the phrase "half-beast." If you can't agree to this condition, I'll kick you off the ship right now.
Jill: I-- All right...
Ike: ...
(Ike leaves)
Jill: ...

3 Brothers

Boyd: I'm just saying, there has to be something more we can do.
Oscar: Boyd... You're not making any sense. I understand your enthusiasm to help Ike, but try to explain what you mean... We can't do anything until we know exactly what it is you want to do.
Boyd: You're so impatient, Oscar. I was just getting to it, all right?
Oscar: Impatient? You're calling me impatient? You're so impatient you can barely be bothered to put your armor on!
Boyd: Nag, nag, nag. Listen, I think we should come up with an unstoppable killer attack, something only we can do!
Rolf: An unstoppable attack!? That sounds good...
Boyd: Doesn't it? I'm glad you approve, peewee!
Rolf: Don't call me peewee!
Oscar: It is a fine plan, but you haven't explained what this new attack is supposed to be. How do we do it?
Boyd: Hey, I came up with the idea. It's your job to figure out the details. Make it cool, though, Oscar.
Oscar: Boyd, this plan sounds... Oh, dear... How do I put it?
Rolf: Let me do it! I'll think up a great one!!
Boyd: No way. Forget that. It's too much for your little peewee brain.
Rolf: I told you, don't call me that!
Ike: They may not like to admit it, but they certainly are close.