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A Gathering Hope/Conversations

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Meg: H-hello...
Zihark: Oh, hello there.
Meg: H-h-hello.
Zihark: Yes...hello. Now that we have that established, what can I do for you?
Meg: Um... Uh... I... I'm...Meg.
Zihark: Yes, I know. It's nice to meet you, Meg. That's a very nice name.
Meg: And, uh... I'm from Crimea.
Zihark: Yep, I'm one step ahead of you! Heard that too. You're far away from home now, aren't you? Quite an independent girl, eh?
Meg: Um, and, my village... It's called Ohma.
Zihark: Oh! You're from Ohma? Now that's something I did not know.
Meg: Yes.
Zihark: Then you must know Brom... Hold on a second... You look exactly like him. Are you two related?
Meg: We sure are! I'm his daughter. His...youngest daughter.
Zihark: Oh, I've heard stories! He loves to tell stories about his kids. He said that you could lift a full-grown cow! It's nice to meet the person I've heard so much about! How is Brom? Doing well?
Meg: Yes! Yes, he is! He works ALL the time. I do wish he would slow down...
Zihark: Ah, yes. Well, it's good to hear he's staying busy. Brom, huh? Wow, brings back memories... Well, if you're his daughter, I'll do whatever I can to help you. You said you were looking for somebody? Who is this person?
Meg: Well... He's my... He's my fiance.
Zihark: How could any guy leave a girl like you? What's this lucky guy's name? What's he like?
Meg: Well...he's standing right in front of me.
Zihark: I'm sorry, I'm sure I misheard you. Can you repeat that? ...Slowly?
Meg: My daddy told us years ago that he was going to marry one of us to a really nice friend of his, a mercenary named Zihark.
Zihark: Whoa, hey now...I don't, uh...
Meg: But my older sister got married last year, and so I came instead! Oh, it's so nice to finally meet my husband!
Zihark: Meg, look, this is kind of crazy...
Meg: Zihark... I'm sure I still have a lot to learn... But after meeting you, I just know we'll live happily ever after!
Zihark: Meg, I need you to listen very closely...
Meg: Oh, don't worry! I'll work hard every waking moment to become a good wife! Even during a fight! See you later, pookums!
Zihark: Meg, wait! Wow, she's downright pushy. She must get that from her old man. ...And did she just call me "pookums"?


Pelleas: Sorry to call you here like this. Forgive me.
Micaiah: It's quite all right.
Pelleas: Can I pour you some tea? Or is there something else you would prefer?
Micaiah: I'm fine, thank you. What did you want to speak with me about?
Pelleas: I know you are angry with me. Please, forgive me.
Micaiah: Can you tell me why you stopped showing up at our meetings?
Pelleas: It was at Izuka's request.
Micaiah: You are the leader of this army! You cannot simply leave all the decisions to someone else!
Pelleas: ...I'm sorry. I'll ask Izuka before the next meeting. I need his permission to attend.
Micaiah: Why? You're the prince. Why should you need any man's permission, much less your own advisor's?
Pelleas: Yes, I am the prince, but...I owe much to Izuka. He taught me everything I needed to know to become a proper member of the royal family. He contacted Tauroneo and the other senators from Daein for help. Without his power and influence, I would never have mustered an army--or met my own mother.
Micaiah: I see. You were alone...
Pelleas: Pardon?
Micaiah: And then Izuka reunited you with your mother, gave you a place to stay, and provided you with a reason to live. And you feel you owe him a debt of gratitude for ending your loneliness. That is why you try to do as you are told--as Izuka wishes.
Pelleas: Micaiah, you're--
Micaiah: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to-- That was inappropriate.
Pelleas: You're amazing!
Micaiah: Amazing?
Pelleas: You really can read minds! I'm simply amazed! You saw right through me!
Micaiah: ...
Pelleas: Sorry, I got too excited. Look at me, I'm sweating.
Micaiah: Prince Pelleas!
Pelleas: What is it? Why are you looking at me like that?
Micaiah: That mark...
Pelleas: Oh...that.
Micaiah: What is it?
Pelleas: It's called the Spirit's Protection. The source of all magic in this world is tied to the power of the spirits. When you make a pact with such a spirit, its power manifests on your body like this.
Micaiah: I...see.
Pelleas: What am I saying? You already know all of this, of course. You have the Spirit's Protection, too.
Micaiah: What?
Pelleas: I saw you washing your hands the other day. When I walked up to you to say hello, I saw the mark on your right hand.
Micaiah: You saw...
Pelleas: I thought of confiding in you right away, but my mother called for me. I didn't get a chance to tell you until now.
Micaiah: Do you think this mark is really the Spirit's Protection?
Pelleas: Oh! You didn't enter into the pact yourself?
Micaiah: No.
Pelleas: I see. So, it must have been the spirit who wished to make a pact with you.
Micaiah: Pardon?
Pelleas: It's a very rare phenomenon among newborns. Usually it happens to infants who have an exceptional talent for magic. You truly are amazing, Micaiah.
Micaiah: I don't know about that...
Pelleas: Let's keep this among ourselves... We don't want people to confuse us with the Branded.
Micaiah: What are the "Branded"?
Pelleas: I'm pretty sure it refers to beorc who have laguz blood in their veins. I know, it's hard to imagine someone with the blood of a sub-human running through their veins. Anyway, I've been terribly mistreated by people who thought I was one of the Branded.
Micaiah: ...
Pelleas: Micaiah?
Micaiah: Oh...sorry. I think I understand more about you now, and about the marks we share...
Pelleas: I'm glad I was able to tell you. I'm surprised you didn't know. Come talk to me again sometime.
Micaiah: Certainly.
Pelleas: Oh, I almost forgot. Here. I wanted to give you this.
Micaiah: What is it?
Pelleas: It's this splendid sword I recently acquired. It gives its wielder the upper hand in battle. Keep it or give it to whomever you like.
Micaiah: Shouldn't you give it to the soldier you deem most worthy?
Pelleas: No, I wouldn't want the soldiers thinking I'm giving anyone special treatment. It would be inappropriate. That's what Izuka says, anyway. So I think you should do it.
Micaiah: I understand. You must have so much on your mind.
Pelleas: Indeed. I long for the old days when I was poor, but had few worries.
Micaiah: Prince Pelleas...
Pelleas: But I'll keep fighting. I won't stop until Daein is free once more.
Micaiah: Hear, hear!

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