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A Distant Voice/Conversations

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In Town

Micaiah: Sothe, have you noticed...
Sothe: Yes. Ever since we arrived here.
???: ...
Sothe: What should we do?
Micaiah: Hmm, I can't sense any malice. Whoever it is doesn't seem to mean us any harm, but... Yes, let's do it.
Sothe: All right. On three, then. One...two...three!
???: Ahh!
Meg: Hey!
Micaiah: There, now we can see your face.
Sothe: You're...a girl?
Meg: I-I'm sorry!
Micaiah: No! Wait! Please don't run!
Meg: ...
Micaiah: My name is Micaiah. Don't be afraid.
Sothe: Have you gone mad? Don't tell her your name! We're on the run, remember?
Micaiah: It's all right. She's not after us.
Meg: ...
Micaiah: This is, Sothe. We're from Nevassa.
Meg: Oh...uhh...hi there.
Micaiah: And you are?
Meg: I'm Meg.
Sothe: What are you doing out here on the edge of the desert?
Meg: I'm looking for someone. Someone very important. Someone close to my heart... Micaiah: All by yourself?
Meg: Yes.
Sothe: You're meeting someone way out here?
Meg: I'm not sure, exactly. All I know is that this is where he came before he disappeared. I thought maybe he went into the desert...
Micaiah: What a coincidence. We're also looking for someone in the desert. Would you like to come along?
Meg: Really? Are you sure?
Micaiah: Of course.
Meg: Oh, thank you! I've been so lonely since I left Crimea all on my own.
Sothe: You came all the way from Crimea? I'm surprised you made it this far.
Micaiah: That's it, then. Welcome aboard, Meg. You're one of us now.


Aimee: Oh, there you are. Can we have a word with you?
Micaiah: Aimee, Muston. How may I help you?
Aimee: Relax, honey. I'm here to tell you about our business. You like to shop, don't you?
Sothe: Let me guess, you want to sell us weapons and other items. Am I right?
Muston: That's right. Our inventory changes depending on where we are and what time it is. But one thing is always the same. We guarantee fair prices! So stop by whenever you can.
Micaiah: Do you carry tomes?
Muston: Yup. Fire, Thunder, Wind, Light... We've got your basics covered.
Aimee: My shop also has lots of staves and medicine. Oh, and I have recently made some...key connections. Now I carry some very rare items. They're one of a kind, and very valuable. You should come have a look! Rare weapons too. Honestly, you should buy them before someone else does! At these prices, they're bound to sell quickly.
Muston: Well, that's our spiel. Thanks for listening.
Aimee: Do come by! We'll be waiting.

More Merchants

Jorge: Well, hello! Don't mind us! We won't take but a moment of your time...
Micaiah: Hello, Jorge. Hello, Daniel.
Daniel: We just wanted to tell you a little about what we can do for YOU.
Sothe: I've already told her. Jorge will buy from us any items or weapons that we no longer need. And Daniel--
Jorge: Hey! Excuse me, we're here to talk to Micaiah! Not to some stuffy, know-it-all pun--
Daniel: Jorge, don't be rude! I'm sorry about that, Sothe. Anyway, we just wanted to tell you about some changes we made to our business.
Sothe: All right, then. I'll keep my mouth shut as long as Daniel does the talking.
Daniel: Thank you.
Micaiah: So, what do you have, Daniel?
Jorge: Hey, thanks for asking! I've got a guy who's a master blacksmith. He makes weapons you wouldn't believe...and they're not available anywhere else!
Daniel: Hey, thanks a lot, Jorge! I make weapons too...pretty good ones, if I do say so myself! It's just, you know, customs have been extremely tight lately...raw materials are so hard to come by... Which reminds me, if you ever have weapons you don't need, would you sell them to us?
Jorge: Yes, please. Actually, even better...sell me your weapons, and I'll give them to Daniel. Then he can smelt them down and use the steel for newer, shinier pieces!
Daniel: It costs some money to upgrade weapons, but... But hey, let's face it, it's worth the money. Owning a custom-made weapon sets you apart from the common soldier!
Jorge: Oh, and here's a one-time-only deal! I won't even charge you for materials on your first upgrade! Pretty nice, huh? Now you have no excuse not to come by. Got that, Micaiah?
Micaiah: Um...yes. Thank you.
Sothe: ...
Daniel: One last thing. If you ever bring me a coin, I'll give you a little bonus on whatever I'm making for you. They're very rare, so be sure to hang on to them. Don't sell them to some stranger!


For Jorge's last line, the NTSC-U version correctly translated Jorge's Japanese dialogue, but it is rendered incorrect due to a gameplay change the localization introduced by removing the forging point system. This error was fixed in the PAL version.


Micaiah: What are you doing out here, Kurth?
Kurth: Hello, Micaiah. Pay me no mind. I'm just watching the desert. How the wind changes the sandscape... The ebb and flow of the dunes, like giant swells in the ocean. I find it mesmerizing.
Micaiah: Is this your first time in the desert?
Kurth: Yes. My homeland is ringed with mountains. Everything about Daein looks new and curious to my eyes.
Micaiah: I see.
Kurth: ...You have not asked.
Micaiah: I'm sorry?
Kurth: You have not asked me who I am or where I am from. Not just you, Micaiah, but the others as well. No one seeks to know who I am.
Micaiah: You seem to not want to talk about yourself. Am I right?
Kurth: Yes... Quite right.
Micaiah: That's why no one asks. People can tell when someone wants privacy. Many of us desire privacy too. Kurth, you are not our enemy. I know that much. You're kind and gentle. That is all I need to know.
Kurth: Thank you...