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A Brush in the Teeth/Script

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light


Julian: Hey, Lena! Things are looking bad. We had better beat it! Sounds like the knights of Altea have arrived. This is our cue to get out of here! We're almost there, so come on!
Lena: I am sorry, but…I have lost my precious Mend staff. Until I find it, I cannot leave. Don't worry about me, Julian! You should flee while you can. I can use my Warp staff to send you somewhere safe.
Julian: I can't let you do that. If I leave you here, then why did I betray the bandits and rescue you? We can worry about your staff later! I promise I'll come back for it. Let's get while the getting's good. Focus on that!

Houses and Villages


  • Young man: There are mercenaries about. Be careful. They're so skilled that they can fell you in one blow!
  • Man: Hunters are stronger attackers than archers, but they're weaker in defense. They should avoid close-range combat at all costs!
  • Man: Improve your Skill and you'll have a better chance at landing critical hits. Increase your Spd, meanwhile, and you'll find it easier to dodge enemy attacks.


Old man: You youngsters sure do have stamina. Since you made it all the way up here, what say I give you this axe? Not bad, eh? Not so fast! This Devil Axe consumes the lives of those who wield it. If I were you, I wouldn't use it in battle! Mark my words!
(Received a Devil Axe)

Navarre initiates a battle

Navarre: I feel bad killing you, but it was your mistake to come here. Now die!

Recruiting Navarre

Caeda: Navarre! Why has a swordsman of your worth fallen in with thieves?
Navarre: What was that? …I have no business with women or children. Leave now!
Caeda: Please, help us put a stop to this pointless fighting. Lend us your strength! If you will not, then I tell you… Do your worst. I am ready.
Navarre: … I have vowed never to turn a blade on a woman. If you would risk your life to convince me, I suppose I have no choice. I will join you.
(Navarre joins)


Malledus: Prince, look! The bandits left 15,000G in the castle's vaults. We can use this money to supply ourselves with equipment. Tomorrow, we will arrive in Aurelis! For tonight, rest well.
(Received 15,000 G)

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

Ss fe12 menu background 01.png

The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


Travelling from the frontier regions to Archanea, Marth's biggest challenge has appeared. The Samsooth Peak is a steep mountain that divides the peninsula into northern and southern regions. Since some unknown time, bandits made it their base, and they started attacking neighboring villages and travelllers. Raids, kidnaps, setting fires... Their crimes are known to many. In fear, the people called the mountain "The Ghoul's Teeth." And they called those gathered at Samsooth the demonic "Soothsires"...
— Chapter 3 Intro


Julian: Hurry, Miss Lena! If you aren't quick, we'll both be finished. I heard the Altean knights have arrived towards the south. Now's our chance to escape. Please hang on, you can do it!
Lena: I'm sorry... But, I still haven't found my precious Mend staff... Julian! Forget about me and flee yourself! If it's just you, I can teleport you away to safety with my Warp staff.
Julian: How is this going to help? Don't you understand why I betrayed them in the first place? ...Anyway. I will find that staff later. For now, let's just make our escape! Hurry! Go!!

Houses and Villages


  • Young man: If you want to avoid enemy attacks, aside from Speed, you also need Luck. Standing on certain places might also help.
  • Young man: Be wary of Mercenaries. If you're careless, they'll send you flying in one strike.
  • Man: If your Strength is great, your weapon or magical damage will increase. Also the effect of healing staves will be greater.
  • Old woman: Clerics cannot fight. However they can use sacred staves to aid allies.


Old man: Hoho! You're looking very lively, young lad! It isn't an easy task to reach a place like this. I will reward you with this axe. What do you thing? It looks impressive, no? However... This Devil Axe is a cursed axe that draws blood from its user. It would be best not to use it at all!!
Devil Axe obtained!

Fighting Navarre

Navarre: Even though it's a shame, you must die. Take this! Killing Edge!!

Killing Navarre

Navarre: To think, there could be such a foe...

Recruiting Navarre

Caeda: Swordfighter Navarre! Why would a person like you become a bodyguard for these bandits?
Navarre: ...!? Huh, who are you? I have no business with women or children! Get out of here!!
Caeda: Please, stop this unnecessary fighting... and lend your strength to us. If you're unwilling, you can cut me down with your sword right now.
Navarre: ...I won't point my sword at women. Since you risked your own life to request me, I don't have a choice... I will lend my strength to you.
(Navarre joins)

Fighting Hyman

Hyman: So you guys want to die? I'll grant your wish!

Killing Hyman

Hyman: Urgh... I'll remember you...


Malledus: Look, your highness. We found 10000 Gold inside the castle which the bandits left behind. With these we can make further preparations. Excellent! Tomorrow we will reach Aurelis. Until then, please rest well.
(Received 10,000 G)

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


When journeying in from the borderlands, one particular peril would spring to mind: the Samsooth Mountains, whose gashing peaks rose up and divided the peninsula. Since before anyone could remember, the mountains had belonged to bandits, blights on the land whose acts of plunder, kidnapping, and arson knew no bounds. Out of fear, their victims gave these peaks another name: the Ghoul's Teeth; while the bandits who ruled atop the Teeth's craggy crowns took a name as well: the Samsooth Sires, or Soothsires...
— Chapter 3 intro

During battle

Julian: Hey, c'mon, Lena, shake a leg! We need to get out of the Teeth, and we need to do it yesterday! Rumor has it the knights of Altea are at the foot of the mountain. We won't get a better chance. It's just a little bit farther. Stick with me.

Lena: Julian, I'm sorry...but I left my Mend staff back there. It's very precious to me...You go on ahead...Save yourself! Here, I could use this Warp staff to send you someplace safe-

Julian: Uh-uh, honey. No can do. I didn't betray my boys back there so you could zap me on out of here alone. Forget the staff; I'll come back later and get it for you myself. All right? Right now though, I need you to RUN. Tick-tack, now move that frock!

(Screen zooms to Navarre who has just appeared on the map)

Navarre: .....

Houses and villages

  • Young Man: Take care around mercenaries. They're quite skillful; if you're unlucky, they may drop you at stroke.
  • Teenage Boy: Units with high skill deal more frequent critical hits. Units with high speed have an easier time avoiding enemy attack.
  • Old Woman: Hunters are stronger than archers, but they also have weaker defenses. Keep them out of close-range combat.
  • Village:

Old Man: Oh, ho ho! Don't you look young and full of life! Such a warm smile here deserves a nice reward. Here, take this axe- this EVIL abomination of an axe! Beware! Its blade drinks blood and devours flesh. I'd hate to see you come to any harm!
(Obtained Devil Axe)

When recruiting Navarre

Caeda: Navarre! Since when does a swordsman of your caliber fall in with thieves and cutthroats?

Navarre: What? Who are you? Fly away, girl, before someone decides to swat you.

Caeda: Please, Navarre. Why fight for nothing when you can fight for something? Leave this rabble. Lend your sword to our cause. Or, if you will not, then turn it on me now instead.

Navarre: ...Nay, I'll turn no blade of mine on a women. If you're willing to pay for my services with your life, then consider yourself the high bidder. My sword is yours.

If Navarre is engaged in battle before recruitment

  • (Battle with Navarre)

Navarre: Will it be tears or blood you weep first?

  • (Defeating Navarre)

Navarre: Fools...

Conversation: Marth and Julian

Julian: Stop! Whoa! I'm...I'm not your enemy!

Marth: Huh?

Julian: I'm Julian! One of the bad guys! A Soothsire. Oh! Well, except I'm not anymore. See, now I'm a good guy! Lena gave me a reason to- well, let's just say I've had a change of heart.

Marth: ......

Julian: Hm, not explainin' myself very well, am I? OK OK, what I'm trying to say is-

Marth: Yes. You can come with us.

Julian: Oh...Well...well, good.

Marth: I'm inclined to trust you. If you've truly had a change of heart, you deserve the chance to prove it. Show me you're ready to help people, and then I'll know I've picked a man of character.

Julian: Wow. That's.... Thanks! I couldn't ask for a better deal!

Conversation: Marth and Lena

Marth: Good day, Sister. Are you all right?

Lena: Yes... Thank you.

Marth: These mountains are dangerous. My forces will draw the enemy away; use that time to escape.

Lena: No, I wish to help.

Marth: What?

Lena: Please, sire. I am a cleric. I cannot bear to watch others come to harm when I have the power to help.

Marth: Well...all right... But I don't wish to see you come to harm, either.

Lena: I will be careful. Thank you, sire.

Conversation: Marth and Navarre

Navarre: ......

Marth: Um, aren't you-

Navarre: Navarre.

Marth: The great swordsman they speak of... Will you fight with us, then?

Navarre: You need only name your target.

Against Hyman

Hyman: Har. You must really want to die, comin' into the Soothsires' palace unbidden!

Defeating Hyman

Hyman: Arrgh...One day it'll be you!


Malledus: Sire! Would you look at this! Those rogues left 15,000 gold here when they fled! This money will buy plenty of new equipment for your army. Tomorrow is the day, sire, when we finally arrive in Aurelis. Be sure to rest up tonight.
(Obtained 15,000 Gold)