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Tiki/Quotes (Engage)

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Battle quotes

Marth: Well, Tiki, it sure has been a while. I'm glad to see you. How have you been?
Tiki: Mar-Mar! I am so glad to see you! I've been doing so, so well!
Marth: If we win this battle, I hope we can fight side by side again. I'd feel better having you as my ally.
Tiki: Of course! I would love to travel with you once more, and then we can chat forever and ever!

— Tiki as an enemy, when fighting a unit synced with Marth in The Ancestor
Tiki: I was wondering... Do you enjoy being a Divine Dragon?
Alear: I didn't always, but now, yes, I think I do. It taught me what I'm truly capable of.
Tiki: I see. I'm very curious to learn all about you. Will you tell me more about yourself?
Alear: Of course. I will tell you all that I can.

— Tiki as an enemy, when fighting Alear in The Ancestor

Critical quotes

In your dreams!
— Tiki
Not one step closer!
— Tiki

Engage attack quotes

For everyone I love!
— Tiki
I'll give it everything I have!
— Tiki