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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

This page contains all of Jake's paired base conversations.

Jake and Kris

First conversation

Jake: Yo, Kris, right? I've heard the rumors, nice to meet you.
Kris: The pleasure is mine, Sir Jake.
Jake: Just call me Jake. Let's drop the formalities 'kay? We're comrades after all.

If Kris is male
Kris: Alright. Then, I'll do just that.
If Kris is female
Kris: You're right. Then, I'll do just that.
Jake: Awesome, I like cute girls best when they're natural.

Jake: By the way, have you heard about the secret shop?
Kris: Secret shop?
Jake: Yeah, my girlfriend Anna runs a secret shop. It's an amazing shop, located in the most secret of spots and with an incredibly well-camouflaged entrance.
Kris: That does sound amazing...
Jake: But, even amazing shops like that have their fair share of problems. Y'see, customers just don't come.
Kris: ...I-I suppose...
Jake: So, we've been thinking of ways to get more customers to come, but...

If Kris is male
Kris: I have one suggestion... Can I say it?
If Kris is female
Kris: I have one suggestion. Can I say it?

Jake: Yeah, go ahead.
Kris: Why not make it, um, non-secret?
Jake: Oh, but of course! Wow, you're sharp. Hmm, but we can't do that. You see, it's a secret shop. If it ain't secret, it wouldn't be a secret shop anymore now, would it?
Kris: That's rather complicated.
Jake: Yeah, don't I know it's troublesome...

Second conversation

Jake: You want to know how Anna's secret shop first started? In the beginning, it was a shop of ultra-expensive goods targeting ultra-wealthy customers.
Kris: You mean, royals and nobles?
Jake: Yeah, people like that. That's why they kick you out unless you got yourself a special VIP Card.
Kris: VIP Card... Sounds like a very important card. So only nobles have them?
Jake: No, no. There's only one VIP Card in this world.
Kris: O-only one!? Then I can see why customers don't come... In fact, I'd say it's a miracle that customers come at all...
Jake: Yeah. It'd be swell if we had more customers...

If Kris is male
Kris: Well, I have another suggestion... Can I say it?
If Kris is female
Kris: Well, I have a suggestion... Can I say it?

Jake: Sure, 'course you can.
Kris: Why not drop the VIP requirement?
Jake: Of course! You're really sharp.

If Kris is male

Jake: But, we can't do that. It's a secret shop after all...

If Kris is female
Jake: But, no matter how fetching of a lass you are, we can't do that. It's a secret shop after all...

Kris: That's rather complicated.
Jake: Yeah, don't I know it's troublesome...

Third conversation

If Kris is male
Kris: Jake, about the secret shop...
If Kris is female
Kris: Say, Jake. About the secret shop...

Kris: Since its location is meant to be secret, you can't tell people exactly where it is. But how about letting everybody know roughly where it's supposed to be?
Jake: Hmm, good idea... Alright, you win! I'll give you my special service! I'll tell you where the secret shop is. Then you go tell Prince Marth and the others all about it.
Kris: Got it, I'll tell everyone.
Jake: Here goes: Do you remember the spot where I was standing when I met you guys?
Kris: Yes, the desert in Anri's Way.
Jake: The truth is...! The secret shop was near that very spot!
Kris: ...
Jake: Now that you know, you'd better tell everyone right away how to get to the secret shop! It's selling really nice goods, y'know!
Kris: Jake, I'm very sorry, but... I don't think we're ever going to go back to Anri's Way...
Jake: What...? O-oh, damn!!
Kris: Are there any other secret shops?
Jake: Well, I think so, but I don't remember where they are. Oh, Anna... Please forgive your pitiful excuse of a boyfriend...