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Fire Emblem Wiki:Featured Articles

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Welcome to the Featured Articles page. This is where editors of Fire Emblem Wiki nominate pages for featured status on the front page of this wiki. However, there are rules to nominating an article which are as follows:


  1. A maximum of five (5) votes in support of the article are needed for a page to become featured.
  2. You can only vote in approval for any article once every calender month, meaning you cannot vote for the Paladin page and then Marth's page the very same month.
  3. You cannot vote in support for the article you have nominated.
  4. All votes should be placed properly under {{support}}', {{oppose}}, or {{neutralother}} with your vote starting off with #, your comment, and finally ending with your signature (~~~~). For instance: "# I really like the Ike page. It has a lot of information about the character! ~~~~." Any vote without a proper signature will be moved to the {{retracted}} section of the nominations and you will be unable to vote again.