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Fire Emblem Wiki:Copyrights

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Copyrights are held on intellectual property. That means they can be images, phrases, music, etc.

Content Rules

  • You are not allowed to copy and paste any information from another site onto the Fire Emblem Wiki without permission from the original owner. That means not stealing a page from another fire Emblem site and posting it here.
  • You are NOT allowed to steal information from other wikis. That means Fire Emblem Wikia, Wikipedia, etc. If it's coding, it's fine, but do not claim you made it yourself.

Important: If one person claims and provides proof that you stole content from another site and reports it to an administrator, the administrator will remove the stolen content and it is possible that you can be blocked (banned) from the wiki for awhile. Please do not post stolen content.


  • Do not post fan art not created by you unless you have the original author's permission to do so. Please mark the image under the proper licensing format by selecting "Another Individual's Work".
  • Do NOT direct link to another site's image. Upload it to the wiki and then link to their site in the image description. As well mark it as: "All Copyrighted Images" if it's official art, "Another Individual's Work" if it was made by someone on that site, or "Taken off a Wikimedia site" if it was taken off Wikipedia or another similar site.
  • You CAN post Nintendo drawn artworks and screenshots or screenshots from any other Fire Emblem site, or screenshots made yourself provided you give proper sourcing.