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Fire Emblem Wiki:Administrators

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Administrators are one of the ranks a user can have on Fire Emblem Wiki, being the second highest under bureaucrats.

What can admins do?

Admins can do a few additional functions on Fire Emblem Wiki. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Deleting pages and files
  • Blocking IPs and Users
  • Protecting pages
  • Rollback edits

How do I become an admin?

If you want to become an admin, a bureaucrat can promote you if the staff feels you deserve the promotion. Contact one of them either on their talk page or on the Fire Emblem Wiki Skype chat.


Real Name Username Rank Activity
Macarena Aria der Donau Administrator and Bureaucrat Inactive
Frank Moydow Administrator, Bureaucrat, Tech Support Active
Jason BrandedOne Administrator Inactive
Julian Seritinajii Administrator Active
Adam Adam Administrator Inactive
Timmy SuperAlpaca Bishop Inactive
Chris Tacopill Tech Support Ninja


While all editors on the wiki are equal, there are specific admins that play specific roles in the wiki. Their roles grant them additional powers and responsibilities, and they can be contacted at any time for matters regarding their roles.

Contact tacopill if you are interested in joining any of the groups listed here.

Writing Staff

The writing staff helps manage the content of the wiki. Files, Articles, etc. Anything major to be redone? these are the people to ask for help.

The leader of this group is the Editor-in-Chief.


Tech Support

The tech support of the wiki manages things on server-side of the wiki: installing extensions, upgrading the software, modifying CSS and Javascript, etc.

The leader of this group is the System Admin.