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Beyond Dreaming/Script

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Part 1: A Busy New Year


Peony: Phew… And that’s that for this house. Everyone looks so cute sound asleep! Good night, everyone! Sweet dreams!
Triandra: Let’s hurry, Peony. You said you wanted to give everyone a good first dream of the year, right?
Peony: No need to rush it, Triandra! Anyway, so, at the next place…we’ll have to go in through the window…verrrrry quietly…
???: *sniffle*
Peony: Oh no… I can hear a little girl crying. I wonder what’s happened?
???: Everyone else is celebrating with their mommy and daddy! Wh-why can’t we?!
???: Don’t cry… Mom and Dad passed away, remember? I’m sad too, but…it’s not something we can change.
???: No! I… I want Mommy and Daddy!
Peony: I feel bad… Just wait a little longer, dears. I’ll give you a dream where you can be with your mom and dad!
Triandra: Peony, stop.
Peony: Huh? Why? I have to give them both a happy dream for their first dream of the year!
Triandra: Not even the happiest dream will change the reality that awaits them. It will only hurt them more.
Peony: That can’t be true! Happy dreams leave the dreamer with a lingering happiness even after they end! AND even if it’s only a dream, I can still help her have a happy memory of her parents.
Triandra: Memories in dreams are not the same as reality, Peony. It would be cruel.
Peony: Grrrr… How could I expect you to understand, Triandra?!
Triandra: Wh-what? You’re the one that doesn’t seem to get it.
Peony: Ugh! There’s no use talking to you about it! …Hmph!
Triandra: So it would seem!

(scene change to the map screen)
Plumeria: Happy New Yea— Oh? Something happen between the two of you?
Triandra: No.
Peony: Nothing to worry about!
Plumeria: Well… All right, then.


Triandra: We lost.. No doubt due to your absentmindedness.
Peony: My what?! Triandra, you—
Plumeria: Hm… Starting the new year off on the right foot, I see.

Part 2: New Year’s Prey


Keaton: Heh heh… Looks like the pretty has arrived. Get ready, everyone!
Velouria: Together, Daddy and I can’t be beat! We’ll break all your precious stuff, and add it to the treasure pile!
Kaden: I took some extra time to maintain my tail for the new year, you know. You aren’t going to ruin it, are you?


Kaden: If this keeps up, all the care I’ve put into my tail will be ruined before the night ends! …Retreat!
Keaton: We’ll finish you later!

Part 3: When I’m with You


Triandra: Um, Peony? When this is over… Can we talk?
Peony: … Yes! Of course! I don’t want to spend all next year fighting with you! Haven’t we fought enough?
Plumeria: It gets so steamy fighting in all these heavy clothes… Let’s make this quick so I can put on something more comfortable already, shall we?
Keaton: We won’t lose this time! Let’s go!
Velouria: I’ll make my New Year’s resolution to win. Now we can’t lose!
Kaden: You messed up my tail, so now I’m going to mess you up! This is payback!


Triandra: This was the house. Are you sure you’re all right, Peony?
Peony: Yep! Just leave it to me! I have the perfect dream for the two of them! Hee hee, sweet dreams, you two…

(scene change away from Peony and Triandra)
???: *yawn* … Huh? Oh. That was all… just a dream?
???: *YAWWWWWN* Good morning!
???: Good morning to you! You know, I had the nicest dream last night. I was a teacher, just like I’ve always wanted, and I lived in a cute little house too. And you lived there with me. We’d go out and spend our free time together… Wouldn’t that be nice?
???: Really?! I had that same dream! It was great! And so fun too…
???: Huh! Really? Strange… Well, I guess it’s decided then! I’m going to study heard and make that dream a reality, so I can keep living with you and having fun. I know I can’t replace Mom or Dad, but…would that make you happy?
???: Yes! That dream made me realize how much I love my older sister. I won’t cry anymore. I just want to do whatever I can to help make our dream come true!
???: Oh, I’m so glad! As long as I’m with you, I know I’ll be happy. So let’s keep working to be even happier!

(scene change back to Peony and Triandra)
Peony: Hee hee… It worked our, didn’t it!
Triandra: “As long as I’m with you, I’ll be happy,” she said. Yes, it seems it worked after all.
Peony: Triandra… Being with you makes me happy too.
Triandra: Wh-what? You can’t just say things like that.
Peony: Do you feel…differently?
Triandra: …No. Being together with you, well, it makes me happy too.
Peony: Yay! Then let’s stick together all year round!
Traindra: Yes. I’d like that. Here’s to a new year, Peony…