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Small portrait masked marth fe13.png SPOILERS! This section contains key plot or ending details. Read at your own risk!

For the continent known by this name in Fire Emblem Awakening, see Archanea (continent).









Ylisse (Japanese: イーリス Iris) is a kingdom located in the south-east of the continent of the same name. It borders the Theocracy of Plegia to the west, and Regna Ferox to the north. In the distant past, the territory now comprising Ylisse was part of the Holy Kingdom of Archanea, and the island kingdom of Talys. The ruler of Ylisse is the Exalt, who, at the beginning of the events of Fire Emblem Awakening, is Emmeryn.

Prior to the events of Awakening, the previous Exalt, Chrom's father, waged a terrible war on Plegia, with the intent of wiping out the Grimleal, a cult seeking to resurrect the Fell Dragon Grima. The war ended with his death, and ever since then, his daughter Emmeryn had sought to repair relations between her nation and Plegia. Unfortunately, Gangrel, the king of Plegia, sought only revenge for her father's deeds, a desire that led both him and Emmeryn to their downfalls.

Characters from Ylisse

Character Description Appears in
Portrait chrom fe13.png
The middle child of the Ylissean royal family, and leader of a small militia called the Shepherds. Awakening
Portrait lissa fe13.png
The youngest child of the Ylissean royal family, a tomboyish but likeable princess. Awakening
Portrait emmeryn fe13.png
The current Exalt of Ylisse, a kind ruler who desires peaceful relations between Ylisse and Plegia. Awakening
Portrait lucina fe13.png
Chrom's daughter from the future, who wishes to avert the future of despair she hails from. Awakening
Portrait frederick fe13.png
The vice-captain of the Shepherds, who goes to tremendous lengths to protect his liege. Awakening
Portrait sully fe13.png
One of the Shepherds, known equally for her strength, and her foul mouth. Awakening
Portrait stahl fe13.png
A kind-hearted Shepherd with a considerable appetite for food. Awakening
Portrait miriel fe13.png
An intelligent and grandiloquent Shepherd who is frequently absorbed by her theories. Awakening
Portrait vaike fe13.png
A loudmouthed Shepherd who sees himself as the perfect role model. Awakening
Portrait sumia fe13.png
A clumsy Shepherd with a tendency to trip over thin air. Awakening
Portrait ricken fe13.png
A young Shepherd who hates being treated like a child. Awakening
Portrait maribelle fe13.png
An Ylissean noblewoman, and Lissa's best friend. Awakening
Portrait gaius fe13.png
A sticky-fingered Ylissean thief who is obsessed with sweets. Awakening
Portrait cordelia fe13.png
A member of Ylisse's pegasus knights, a genius with a deep unrequited crush on Chrom. Awakening
Portrait libra fe13.png
A kind Ylissean priest who is frequently mistaken for a woman. Awakening
Portrait donnel fe13.png
A farmer from a remote Ylissean village who joins the Shepherds to help defend his home. Awakening
Portrait owain fe13.png
Lissa's future son, a theatrical swordsman who aspires to claim his place among the legends. Awakening
Generic portrait priest npc fe13.png
the Hierarch that helped Emerryn during her youthful years. Awakening
Portrait kellam fe13.png
The Shepherd who everyone forgets is there. Awakening


  • Nino's mother shares her name with the Japanese name of Ylisse, Iris.[1]


Etymology and other languages


  1. "Yeah. And their names are printed there, see? My father’s name is Juge, and my mother's name is Iris." - Nino, to Canas in a support conversation, Fire Emblem