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NIWA's resident sober Irishman, and current Coordinator; administrator on StrategyWiki, NintendoWiki, and the NIWA forums, and bureaucrat on F-Zero Wiki. Also Fire Emblem Wiki's current System Admin.

I did these Ma 3ds lord lucina playable.gif Ma 3ds great lord lucina playable.gif which may well be the first animated Awakening map sprites on the internet. Yes, I was very bored.

Fire Emblem games I have completed

Skype.png This user uses Skype and their handle is moy.dow.

FE13 class translations for future reference

Classes with no translation mean the same as the English.


  • Tactician: Stratège (strategist)
  • Grandmaster: Maître stratège (Master strategist)
  • Lord: Lord
  • Great Lord: Grand lord
  • Pegasus knight: Chevalier pégase
  • Falcon knight: Chevalier faucon
  • Dark Flier: Chevalier pégase noir (Dark pegasus knight)
  • Cavalier: Cavalier
  • Paladin: Paladin
  • Great knight: Grand chevalier
  • Mercenary: Mercenaire
  • Hero: Héros
  • Bow knight: Cavalier archer (Archer cavalier)
  • Fighter: Combattant
  • Warrior: Guerrier
  • Dark mage: Mage noir
  • Sorcerer: Sorcier
  • Dark knight: Paladin noir
  • Priest: Vicaire
  • War monk: Moine guerrier
  • Cleric: Sœur (Sister)
  • War Cleric: Sœur guerrière (War sister)
  • Knight: Chevalier
  • General: Général
  • Archer: Archer
  • Sniper: Archer d'élite (Elite archer)
  • Thief: Voleur
  • Trickster: Baladin (Buffoon)
  • Assassin: Assassin
  • Myrmidon: Épéiste (Epeeist, fencer)
  • Swordmaster: Bretteur (Swashbuckler)
  • Troubadour: Troubadour
  • Valkyrie: Walkyrie
  • Wyvern rider: Chevalier wyverne (Wyvern knight)
  • Wyvern lord: Lord wyverne
  • Griffon rider: Chevalier griffon (Griffon knight)
  • Barbarian: Barbare
  • Berserker: Berserker
  • Dancer: Danseuse
  • Conqueror: Seigneur (master)
  • Taguel: Tagüel
  • Manakete: Manakete
  • Villager: Villageois
  • Lodestar: Guide (guide)
  • Bride: Jeune mariée
  • Dread fighter: Héros mage (Mage hero)
  • Soldier: Soldat
  • Grima: Grima


  • Tactician: Taktiker
  • Grandmaster: Großmeister
  • Lord: Lord
  • Great Lord: Erzlord (arch-lord)
  • Pegasus knight: Pegasusritter
  • Falcon knight: Falkenritter
  • Dark Flier: Dunkelschwinge (Dark wing)
  • Cavalier: Kavalier
  • Paladin: Rittmeister (cavalry captain)
  • Great knight: Erzritter (arch-knight)
  • Mercenary: Söldner
  • Hero: Held
  • Bow knight: Bogenritter
  • Fighter: Kämpfer
  • Warrior: Krieger
  • Mage: Magier
  • Sage: Weiser
  • Dark mage: Dunkelmagier
  • Sorcerer: Zauberer
  • Dark knight: Dunkelritter
  • Priest: Heiler (healer)
  • War monk: Kriegsheiliger (War saint)
  • Cleric: Geistliche (priestess)
  • War Cleric: Kriegsheilige (War saint)
  • Knight: Ritter
  • General: General
  • Archer: Schütze
  • Sniper: Scharfschütze (sharp-shooter)
  • Thief: Dieb
  • Trickster: Gauner (crook)
  • Assassin: Assassine
  • Myrmidon: Myrmidone
  • Swordmaster: Schwertmeister
  • Troubadour: Troubadour
  • Valkyrie: Walküre
  • Wyvern rider: Wyvernritter (Wyvern knight)
  • Wyvern lord: Wyvernlord
  • Griffon rider: Greifenritter (Griffon knight)
  • Barbarian: Barbar
  • Berserker: Berserker
  • Dancer: Tänzerin
  • Conqueror: Imperator
  • Taguel: Taguel
  • Manakete: Manakete
  • Villager: Dörfler
  • Lodestar: Sternenlord (Star lord)
  • Bride: Braut
  • Dread fighter: Dunkelkrieger (Dark warrior)
  • Soldier: Soldat
  • Grima:


  • Tactician: Estratega (Strategist)
  • Grandmaster: Gran estratega (Great strategist)
  • Lord: Lord
  • Great Lord: Gran lord
  • Pegasus knight: Caballero pegaso
  • Falcon knight: Auriga (Charioteer)
  • Dark Flier: Auriga oscuro (Dark charioteer)
  • Cavalier: Jinete (Horseman)
  • Paladin: Paladín
  • Great knight: Jinete pesado (Heavy horseman)
  • Mercenary: Mercenario
  • Hero: Campeón (Champion)
  • Bow knight: Caballero arco (Bow horseman)
  • Fighter: Luchador
  • Warrior: Guerrero
  • Mage: Mago
  • Sage: Sabio
  • Dark mage: Mago oscuro
  • Sorcerer: Hechicero
  • Dark knight: Caballero oscuro (Dark horseman)
  • Priest: Sacerdote
  • War monk: Monje soldado (Soldier monk)
  • Cleric: Sacerdotisa (Priestess)
  • War Cleric: Sacerdotisa soldado (Soldier priestess)
  • Knight: Infante pesada (Heavy infantryman)
  • General: General
  • Archer: Arquero
  • Sniper: Tirador
  • Thief: Ladrón
  • Trickster: Truhan (Rogue)
  • Assassin: Asesino
  • Myrmidon: Mirmidón
  • Swordmaster: Espadachín (Swordsman)
  • Troubadour: Trovador
  • Valkyrie: Valquiria
  • Wyvern rider: Jinete wyvern
  • Wyvern lord: Paladín wyvern (Wyvern paladin)
  • Griffon rider: Jinete grifo
  • Barbarian: Saqueador (Pillager)
  • Berserker: Bárbaro (Barbarian)
  • Dancer: Bailarina (moreso "ballerina" than "dancer", though can mean both)
  • Conqueror: Conquistador (conquerors of the Americas)
  • Taguel: Taguel
  • Manakete: Manakete
  • Villager: Aldeano
  • Lodestar: Polaris (Polaris, the Lodestar)
  • Bride: Novia (Girlfriend)
  • Dread fighter: Mago guerrero (Mage warrior)
  • Soldier: Soldado
  • Grima: Grima


  • Tactician: Stratega (Strategist)
  • Grandmaster: Gran Maestro
  • Lord: Lord
  • Great Lord: Gran Lord
  • Pegasus knight: Cavaliere pegaso
  • Falcon knight: Cavaliere falco
  • Dark Flier: Cavaliere arcano (Arcane knight)
  • Cavalier: Fantino (Jockey)
  • Paladin: Paladino
  • Great knight: Gran cavaliere
  • Mercenary: Mercenario
  • Hero: Eroe
  • Bow knight: Cavaliere arco
  • Fighter: Lottatore
  • Warrior: Guerriero
  • Mage: Mago
  • Sage: Saggio
  • Dark mage: Mago nero
  • Sorcerer: Warlock (Warlock)
  • Dark knight: Cavaliere oscuro
  • Priest: Sacerdote
  • War monk: Sacerdote guerriero
  • Cleric: Sacerdotessa (Priestess)
  • War Cleric: Sacerdotessa guerriera (War priestess)
  • Knight: Cavaliere
  • General: Generale
  • Archer: Arciere
  • Sniper: Tiratore scelto (sharp-shooter)
  • Thief: Ladro
  • Trickster: Ladro acrobata (cat burglar)
  • Assassin: Assassino
  • Myrmidon: Mirmidone
  • Swordmaster: Mastro di spada
  • Troubadour: Trobairitz
  • Valkyrie: Valchiria
  • Wyvern rider: Cavaliere viverna
  • Wyvern lord: Lord viverna
  • Griffon rider: Cavaliere grifone
  • Barbarian: Barbaro
  • Berserker: Berserker
  • Dancer: Danzatrice
  • Conqueror: Conquistatore
  • Taguel: Taguel
  • Manakete: Manakete
  • Villager: Cittadino (Citizen)
  • Lodestar: Lord supremo (Supreme lord)
  • Bride: Sposa
  • Dread fighter: Cuortempesta (Heart storm)
  • Soldier: Soldato
  • Grima: Grima