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Template:Class Change Converged

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Base class Promotion method Advanced class
[[{{{basic class 1}}}]]
[[{{{basic class 2}}}]]
{{{promotion method}}} {{{sprite3}}}
[[{{{promoted class}}}]]

This template is used when two classes can promote to one class. For example, in Fire Emblem, both clerics and monks can become bishops. Use this template on the Bishop page, but not the Monk or Cleric page.

sprite1: A battle sprite for the first basic class. Remember to use a link.
basic class 1: The first basic class's name. There is an automatic link.
sprite2: A battle sprite for the second basic class. Use a link.
basic class 2: The second basic class's name. Also a link.
promotion method: Promotion method.
sprite3: A battle sprite for the promoted class. Use a link.
promoted class: The promoted class's name.