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Legendary Weapons

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This article is specifically about the legendary weapons of Elibe. For legendary weapons in general, see regalia.

The legendary weapons (Japanese: 神将器 Divine Generals' Weapons) were eight weapons of tremendous power forged during the Scouring, designed to combat dragons. During the war, once the Demon Dragon began to create War Dragons, mankind was on the verge of defeat. Man put all of his greatest technology and magic into the forging of eight weapons. These new weapons had the power to penetrate dragons' hard scales and, as shown in Fire Emblem, even act on their own to defeat their foe.

The Eight Legendary Weapons

In Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, each of the Legendary Weapons can only be used by a character with an S rank in that particular weapon, with the exception of the Binding Blade, which is locked to Roy and does not require him to have S-rank in swords. In Fire Emblem, Durandal is locked to Eliwood, Armads to Hector, and Forblaze to Athos; they do not need S-rank in their respective weapon skills to use them either.

FEFT Binding Blade.png FERK Durandal.png FERK Armads.png Is gba forblaze.png Is gba aureola.png
Binding Blade
Hartmut's sword. Def/Res +5.
Roland's "Blazing Blade". Str +5.
Durban's "Thunder Axe". Def +5.
Athos's "Infernal Truth". Luck +5.
Elimine's "Glorious Ascension". Res +5.
Is gba murgleis.png Is gba maltet.png Is gba saint's staff.png Is gba apocalypse.png Is gba eckesachs.png
Hanon's "Tempest Bow". Speed +5.
Barigan's "Blizzard Spear". Skill +5.
Saint's Staff
Restores all HP to all allies.
Bramimond's "Elder Revelation". Mag +5.
Zephiel only. Can attack indirectly.


Though the Legendary Weapons gave mankind a fighting chance against the dragons, their very existence caused a calamity that no one had anticipated—the Ending Winter. The clashing of the power of dragons and the Legendary Weapons horribly warped the laws of nature, and to compensate, nature drew a great amount power out of the universe, leading to many strange events. Dragons could no longer stay in their "transformed" state, and they had to take humanoid form, sealing their power into dragonstones. Snow began to fall in the middle of summer. Mankind, however, was relatively unaffected by the Ending Winter and used the dragons' new weakness as an advantage. In addition, they blamed the Ending Winter solely on the dragons.

After banishing the dragons beyond the Dragon's Gate, the Eight Heroes realized that the calamity had been caused by the Legendary Weapons, and, fearing the end of the world, hid them in their respective countries (except for Eckesachs, which was not hidden, but passed down in the royal line). The weapons were placed in the most difficult-to-access places, defended by traps and (in the case of Durandal and Armads in Fire Emblem) eternal guardians. In addition, Bramimond magically sealed the weapons away so that they could never be found unless he lifted the seal. Bramimond then vanished, sleeping underground in the Shrine of Seals for hundreds of years before Athos convinced him to release the seal so that four of the weapons could be used against Nergal. Afterward, the weapons were returned to their respective hiding places, but the seal remained undone.

Several years later, Roy collected seven of the Legendary Weapons and the Binding Blade in order to defeat Bern. After Zephiel's defeat, all eight weapons were present, which caused the Binding Blade to point toward the Dragon Sanctuary, where Jahn and Idenn hid. It is not stated what happened to the Legendary Weapons after the events of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, but it is generally assumed that they were again hidden away.


  • The spell book Apocalypse may not have been forged as the weapons were, as it is said by Teodor that Bramimond received "the power to best dragons" by sacrificing his humanity to the dark.[1]
  • The Binding Blade is not one of the Legendary Weapons, although it was even more powerful and was wielded by Hartmut himself.
  • The Legendary Weapons are not to be confused with the morph weapons dropped by the Morphs in the Final Chapter of Fire Emblem.


  1. "Bramimond, one of the eight legends, devoted himself entirely to the dark. All emotion, all memory... dissolved in a river of dark. That is how he received the power to best dragons." - Teodor, Fire Emblem