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Fire Emblem Wiki:Privacy policy

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On Fire Emblem Wiki, our goal is to create an accurate, complete base of information about the Fire Emblem series. Anyone who creates an account can edit, and the content is completely free. However, we must collect certain information about editors to improve the wiki, such as screen resolution, browser, operating system, etc. All edits are logged on the database, with the user and time of editing always kept on record.

Any personal information, such as name, age, phone number, etc. posted on the wiki is public to anyone. Share this information at your own risk. Information inputted during user registration is collected as well. Fire Emblem Wiki is not responsible for any direct results of such actions. We reserve the right to use this information for site statistics, which we may show to possible advertisers or sponsors.

Regardless, Fire Emblem Wiki's staff will do its best in regulating this wiki's articles and pages. The staff will try to keep the wiki appropriate for all ages and protect viewers from inappropriate content and opinions expressed and written by the users, as we aim to be a site appropriate for all ages.

For any further questions about the privacy policy, ask on one of the administrators' talk pages. They will answer your question as soon as and as best as they can.