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Downloadable content in Fire Emblem Awakening

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This is a list and summary of bonus chapters and downloadable content (colloquially abbreviated as DLC) available in Fire Emblem Awakening.


Anna administers the Outrealm Gate.

From Chapter 6 onward, the player can travel to the Outrealm Gate, located on an island to the continent's south; the Gate is a connection to the Outrealms, a series of alternate worlds in which the spirits of legendary heroes from other places and times, the Einherjar, dwell and interact. At the Gate, the player can access the options to purchase downloadable content from an online store, then play it. The downloadable content takes the form of individual chapters of varying difficulty, with some of them involving cameo appearances of characters from earlier Fire Emblem series titles. These chapters can be replayed any number of times for experience and rewards (save for those rewards that are one-time only).

Upon completion or fulfillment of extra criteria in many of the chapters, the player finds or is given an Einherjar card imbued with the spirit of a prominent character from a previous game in the Fire Emblem series, with which they may recruit that character as a bonus unit. With the sole exception of Eldigan in Infinite Regalia, who retains his old Genealogy of the Holy War artwork, all DLC bonus units feature a visual redesign in new artwork by a guest artist.

In the Japanese version, the DLC episodes are divided into two series: "Outrealm Talismans", primarily dealing with Chrom's battles with rogue Einherjar, and "Path of a Grandmaster", a diverse range of extremely challenging maps, adventures in a bad Grima-ruled future similar to that of Lucina's origin, and a set of recreational maps devoted to character interactions. This series distinction does not appear to exist in the English releases of the DLC, and in Europe's case, the Scramble Pack DLC (Series 2 by Japanese standards) was actually among the first DLC released in the region. For the sake of organization, this page retains the Japanese division.

DLC packs

Exclusive to the US and European releases of the game, DLC packs contain all episodes of a DLC miniseries in a single discounted package. Typically available from the release of the first DLC chapter in the pack, it allows all three to be purchased at once, however the other are not playable until the episodes are released individually; attempting to access them before then will prompt Anna to instruct the player to "come back when it's released!"

Pack Contents Release Price
Champions Pack Xenologue: Champions of Yore 1
Xenologue: Champions of Yore 2
Xenologue: Champions of Yore 3
February 7th, 2013US
April 19th, 2013EU
Golden Pack Xenologue: The Golden Gaffe
Xenologue: EXPonential Growth
Xenologue: Infinite Regalia
February 14th, 2013US
April 25th, 2013EU
Lost Bloodlines Pack Xenologue: Lost Bloodlines 1
Xenologue: Lost Bloodlines 2
Xenologue: Lost Bloodlines 3
February 21st, 2013US
June 27th, 2013EU
Smash Pack Xenologue: Smash Brethren 1
Xenologue: Smash Brethren 2
Xenologue: Smash Brethren 3
March 14th, 2013US
July 18th, 2013EU
Rogues Pack Xenologue: Rogues & Redeemers 1
Xenologue: Rogues & Redeemers 2
Xenologue: Rogues & Redeemers 3
March 28th, 2013US
June 6th, 2013EU
Challenge Pack Xenologue: Death's Embrace
Xenologue: Five-Anna Firefight
Xenologue: Roster Rescue
April 11th, 2013US
August 8th, 2013EU
Scramble Pack Xenologue: Harvest Scramble
Xenologue: Summer Scramble
Xenologue: Hot-Spring Scramble
April 25th, 2013USEU $6.50US
Future Past Pack Xenologue: The Future Past 1
Xenologue: The Future Past 2
Xenologue: The Future Past 3
May 9th, 2013US
June 6th, 2013EU
The final map, Xenologue: Apotheosis, is not included among any of the above packs.

Available DLC episodes

Series 1: Outrealm Talismans

Series 2: Path of a Grandmaster






Additionally, the Champions of Yore and Lost Bloodlines DLC series feature two villages in each map, and The Future Past 1 and Roster Rescue feature two treasure chests in each map. From these, the player is randomly given one of almost any item available in the game; the villages and chests can all be accessed to receive a reward every time the relevant DLC episodes are played. The following items are the only items excluded from being available through these chests and villages:


  • Awakening is the first game for the Nintendo 3DS to offer paid downloadable content.
    • Because of the ten-month-long delay between the Japanese and English releases of Awakening, the first game to offer paid downloadable content in regions outside of Japan was New Super Mario Bros. 2 instead: it was released after Awakening in Japan, but long before it in the rest of the world.
  • The Smash Brethren DLC series is named in English as a nod to the Super Smash Bros. game series, as both Roy and Ike - the two warring leaders of their worlds in the DLC's plot - have been playable in Super Smash Bros. at some point.


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