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USA's Atlantic Coast!

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I'm Seri! My real name is Julian. Currently I am an admin, and the leader of Project Classes. Because class pages are important!

I am generally friendly if you are. If you aren't I usually am too, to a degree. In other news, I use the Dvorak keyboard layout, which is much better than Qwerty!

Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character ",".% of our pages are stubs! Copied from Turtwig A's userpage. Also, this often updates faster than the percentage on the main page.

I have a sandbox, although it's not that much template stuff.

Ask me about:

Ongoing wiki-related projects I am focusing on

  • Fire Emblem characters
  • Class pages
  • Help pages
  • General maintenance
  • Keeping order in the Skype chats

Fire Emblem games I own

  • Gaiden: as a ROM. And I don't usually use ROMs!! This is a very big exception as a game that will likely never be localized. I am in the middle of Chapter 1.
  • Blazing Sword: I have completed this game once on Eliwood Normal! Not much of an achievement but whatever. (it took over two years) Currently I am on Chapter 17 of Hector Normal.
  • The Sacred Stones: Completed this game on both routes! (normal mode)
  • Path of Radiance: I FINALLY FINISHED IT!!!! That was really, really hard! I think it got slightly easier as I kept going, though. :P Also, I didn't defeat the Black Knight... Oh well, better luck next time.
  • Radiant Dawn: Up to 1-6! Radiant Dawn is haaaaard.
  • Shadow Dragon: I've gotten up to Chapter 7! Although I find this game just a little boring compared to others, of course...