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This page is about the Ilian knight. For Micaiah's personal light tome, see Thani.


FEFT Shanna.png
Artwork of Shanna from The Binding Blade.

A pegasus knight in training
traveling the world to hone her skills.








Juno (older sister)
Thite (older sister)
Zelots (brother-in-law)
An unnamed niece



Starting class

Pegasus Knight

Thite, you're such a worrier! Flying is more enjoyable without all the extra gear on. See ya!
— Shanna, to Thite in a support conversation.

Shanna (シャニー Thany) is a trainee Ilian Pegasus Knight and mercenary, and the younger sister of fellow Pegasus Knights Juno and Thite. She serves with Deke's mercenary squad as part of her training, having worked in the field for a year prior to the onset of the Disturbance of Bern[1], and was hired into the service of Roy of Pherae during the Disturbance.

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade


When Bern's army first threatened to press on into Lycia, Pherae's Lord Eliwood hired Deke's band as reinforcements for the Pheraen army led by his son, Roy. Designated to meet at the frontier between Lycia and Bern, the band arrived to find a skirmish already underway, and Shanna was tasked to find Roy, then return to Deke and report on his status. After rescuing Elen's mistress, they integrated into Roy's army and served with him for the rest of the war as part of the joint Lycia/Etruria army.

Later, during the Western Isles campaign, Shanna encountered one of her older sisters, Thite, in the battlefield in the employ of an Etrurian unit serving Arcardo; however, she could only convince Thite to not attack Roy until he consulted with Thite's employer. With Klein's defection to Roy, Shanna successfully convinced Thite to join the Lycian army as well.

Starting stats and growth rates

Portrait shanna fe06.png
Pegasus Knight
Level 1
Affinity Is gba windaffin.png
Recruitment: Chapter 2, automatically from turn 2.

Stats Growth Rates

Is gba slim lance.png Slim Lance
Is gba javelin.png Javelin
Is gba vulnerary.png Vulnerary
Weapon Ranks
GBARankSword.gif -- GBARankLance.gif D Axe -- GBARankBow.gif --
GBARankAnima.gif -- GBARankLight.gif -- GBARankDark.gif -- GBARankStaff.gif --

Promotion stat gains

Class HP Str Skill Spd Luck Def Res Con Move Weapon level
Falcoknight +6 +2 +2 +2 +0 +2 +2 +1 +1 GBARankSword.gif E, GBARankLance.gif +1

Fire Emblem Awakening


Shanna is playable as a SpotPass character, released in the The Binding Blade character set. She also appears as an enemy in two downloadable content chapters and as an NPC in a further one DLC chapter, all in the Smash Brethren chapter series.

Starting stats and growth rates

This section is missing stats or growth rates which may be currently unknown. When this information becomes available, please help improve the page by adding it.

Playable (SpotPass) NPC (DLC SB1)

Small portrait spotpass shanna fe13.png
Pegasus Knight
Level 10
Movement 7
Recruitment: SpotPass, hire her for 5,500 G or defeat her in a skirmish.

Stats Growth Rates Stat Modifiers

Inventory Skills
Is 3ds iron lance.png Iron Lance* Is 3ds speed +2.png Speed +2
Is 3ds relief.png Relief
Is 3ds lucky seven.png Lucky Seven
Weapon Ranks
3DSRankSword.png -- 3DSRankLance.png D 3DSRankAxe.png --
3DSRankBow.png -- 3DSRankTome.png -- 3DSRankStaff.png --

Reclassing options

Small portrait spotpass shanna fe13.png
Base classes:*
Pegasus Knight Falcon Knight
Dark Flier
Reclass options:
This unit can reclass to any female class available through reclassing.
Click here for more details on the reclassing system.

Growth rates when reclassed

Growth rates for all SpotPass bonus units are unknown at this time.

Promotion stat gains

Archer Cavalier Cleric Dark Mage Wyvern Rider Knight Mage Mercenary Myrmidon Pegasus Knight Tactician Thief Troubadour

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Luck Def Res Move Weapon level
Sniper +4 +2 +1 +4 +3 +0 +5 +3 +1 --
Bow Knight +8 +3 +0 +2 +4 +0 +1 +2 +3 3DSRankSword.png E

Skill set

Like all female bonus units in Awakening, Shanna has access to all base class and advanced class skills available to standard female units.

Personality and character

Shanna and her sisters

Shanna is a cheerful girl. She can be rash in the battlefield, which is criticized by her fellow mercenaries. She does not take it very well; depending on the person, she protests in reply,[2] or even makes jokes to change the topic.[3] She can be quite cheeky towards her comrades.[4] She is prone to assume things, though,[5] a bad habit she is aware of.[6] Her cheerful disposition seems to be dampened only when confronting a comrade.[7]

Shanna loves her family dearly, and is overjoyed at the news of having a niece.[8] As the youngest sister, she is used to being doted on by her sisters, and likes laughing at the more reserved Thite's attempts of showing affection.[9]


The Binding Blade

Main article: Shanna/Supports
Portrait shanna fe06.png
Pegasus Knight
Is gba windaffin.png
Small portrait deke fe06.png
Mercenary Is gba thunderaffin.png
Initial: 10
Per turn:+2
Small portrait lot fe06.png
Fighter Is gba animaaffin.png
Initial: 10
Per turn:+2
Small portrait thite fe06.png
Pegasus Knight Is gba iceaffin.png
Initial: 30
Per turn:+3
Small portrait zelots fe06.png
Paladin Is gba darkaffin.png
Initial: 30
Per turn:+1

Initial: {{{initialpoints9}}}
Per turn:+
Small portrait wade fe06.png
Fighter Is gba fireaffin.png
Initial: 10
Per turn:+2
Small portrait juno fe06.png
Falcon Knight Is gba lightaffin.png
Initial: 30
Per turn:+3
Small portrait roy fe06.png
Lord Is gba fireaffin.png
Initial: 1
Per turn:+1

Initial: {{{initialpoints8}}}
Per turn:+

Initial: {{{initialpoints10}}}
Per turn:+
Click here for more details on supports.


Shanna, Cheerful Knight
Short: Returned home and was knighted.

Long: After the war, Shanna was knighted and became a full-fledged Pegasus Knight. Throughout her career, she served as lieutenant and squad leader, and she eventually rose to the position of Flightleader of Ilia. Her cheerful personality earned her much admiration and respect from her colleagues.

Roy and Shanna
Shanna gave up the path of the Pegasus Knight and went to Pherae with Roy, where they married. Rebuilding the battered land was a painful process, but her cheerful personality encouraged many people to rise up and help lead Lycia to prosperity again.


Battle quotes

Juno, Thite, let's go! Triangle Attack!
— Shanna, as the lead in a Triangle Attack in The Binding Blade.
— Shanna, against Sigune in Chapter 19B of The Binding Blade.
All right! Chaaaaarge!
— Shanna, in the Final Chapter of The Binding Blade.

Death quote

Juno.. Thite... Sorry... I can't go home...
— Shanna, in The Binding Blade.

Other appearances



Etymology and other languages


  1. "Juno: It's already been a year since you left for your training... Are you getting along with the members of the mercenary band? I heard they were all men, but are you doing all right?" - Shanna and Juno's C support, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
  2. "Wade: Don't be scurrying around the front lines so much.
    Shanna: What!? Scurrying around!?
    Wade: It's annoying when some weakling who gets shot down so easily by a puny archer is flying around all over the place!
    Shanna: Oh, yeah!? Well, it's a pain for me to have some slow axefighter with no brains fighting near me as well! Haven't you ever heard of the concept of dodging?
    " - Shanna and Wade's C support, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
  3. "Shanna: Shoot, just 'compared to before,' huh... Oh yeah, I had something to tell you, too.
    Lot: Something to tell me?
    Shanna: Yeah. The things that you should be careful of in battle! Do you want to hear them?
    Lot: Well, yeah.
    Shanna: Then give me your ear for a sec.
    Lot: Okay... Like this?
    Shanna: ...Don't stress yourself too much, big brother.
    Lot: What the...!
    Shanna: And that was from Lot's cute little sister!
    " - Shanna and Lot's A support, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
  4. "Shanna: Hey, Captain!
    Deke: Shanna, please. Not 'Captain.'
    Shanna: Why? Back in Ilia, we always call our leader the captain.
    Deke: It doesn't suit me.
    Shanna: All right, um... Okay, then I'll call you Bro, like Lot and Ward do.
    Deke: No.
    Shanna: Shoot, can't use that, either?
    " - Shanna and Deke's C support, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
  5. "Shanna: ...Lot?
    Lot: ?
    Shanna: How come you're always so concerned about me? Oh wait, I get it. Aww, I never knew you felt that way about me!
    Lot: Yeah, you wish.
    " - Shanna and Lot's B support, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
  6. "Roy: Then everything's fine, then.
    Shanna: I'll look foward to going.
    Roy: Sure. If you like it, you can stay as long as you want.
    Shanna: Thanks!
    Shanna: Master Roy is so nice... Inviting a mercenary like me to his hometown, and saying that I can stay as long as I want... Wait...does that mean...? No no, don't get cocky... But still...hmm...
    " - Roy and Shanna's A support, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
  7. "Sigune: You... You're Juno's youngest sister. You would fight me?
    Shanna: ......
    Sigune: By the honor of an Ilian knight... I won't go easy on you. All right?
    Shanna: Yes...
    " - Chapter 19A, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
  8. "Juno: While you were away, we had a baby girl.
    Shanna: What!? A baby between you and Zelots!? Where, where? I want to carry her...
    Juno: I can't bring her to the battlefield, Shanna. I entrusted her to the nannies back home. You can see her when we go home.
    Shanna: Yay! Juno's baby...she must be so cute! Oh, I really want to see her.
    " - Shanna and Juno's A support, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
  9. "Thite: Shanna... ...Um...
    Shanna: W-What the!? What did you just do!?
    Thite: Juno, she... She used to pet our heads like this, right? I'm your big sister too, so... I thought I should make you feel better...
    Shanna: ......
    Thite: Shanna, I'm sorry... I can't be kind like Juno, can I...
    Shanna: Thite... ...Did you hit your head or something?
    Thite: ...... This child... All right, I don't care anymore. You can fend for yourself from now on!
    Shanna: Hey, wait! Sorry! I just had to say it...
    " - Shanna and Thite's B support, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
  10. Behind the Name: Shanna
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