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FESK Mystletainn.png
Artwork of Mystletainn from Genealogy of the Holy War.

Skl +5. A timeless weapon.





First game

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

Mystletainn (Japanese: ミストルティン Mystletainn) is a regalia sword introduced in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. Also known by the epithet "Demon Sword", it is the weapon once wielded by Hezul of Jugdral's Twelve Crusaders, bestowed upon him at the Miracle of Darna after his blood-bond with a dragon. The blade is the property of Hezul's descendants, those in possession of major Hezul Holy Blood, and is sealed to their exclusive use.


Originally, the Mystletainn was the the property of Hezul's family, the Agusty royal family of Agustria, but when his major-blooded daughter married into the Nordion noble family, the major Hezul lineage was accidentally passed to House Nordion while the Agusty family was left with only minor blood, which by the time of King Chagall has apparently dissipated. The royal family then gave the Mystletainn to House Nordion, in exchange for an oath of unwavering fealty to the crown.[1]

The blade was eventually inherited by Eldigan the Lionheart, the lord of Nordion as of Grann 757 and a friend of Sigurd of Chalphy. He wielded it in combat first to defend Sigurd's base at Evans Castle from Elliot during Sigurd's sortie into Verdane, and later against Sigurd's forces at the behest of King Chagall, up until his execution by his king. The blade was then passed to his son, Ares, who wielded it as a mercenary serving Jabarro in Darna and later in fighting in Seliph's liberation army.

Eons later, possession of Mystletainn was sought by Prince Owain of Ylisse, who considered it the "fated mate to his sword hand"; in his eagerness, he mistook a common sword belonging to a resident of the Sage's Hamlet for Mystletainn.[2]


Game Icon Rank Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
Genealogy of the Holy War Is snes02 mystletainn.png * 30 5 80 -- 1 50 50,000 -- +20 Skill, +10 Resistance, and Critical when equipped.
Awakening Is 3ds mystletainn.png A 14 -- 85 15 1 25 0 2 +5 Skill when equipped. Cannot be forged.


Genealogy of the Holy War

Inventory Second Generation: Ares


Treasure Infinite Regalia, chosen at random from a pool of other items.
SpotPass distribution Available for download from July 5th, 2012JP/April 18th, 2013US/July 4th, 2013EU onward.



Etymology and other languages


  1. "Black Knight Hezul founded the Agusty Royal Family. He had many children and one of them, his youngest daughter who possessed the Brand, was married off to the Nordion family. From then on, the successor of the Brand appeared within the Nordion Royal Family and they were allowed to take the Demon Sword Mystletainn if they swore an oath of loyalty to the Agusty Royal Family. In terms of bloodline, the rulers of Agusty were Hezul's direct descendants." - Designers' notes from a Genealogy of the Holy War playing guide, as translated by Serenes Forest
  2. "Owain: My mettle in combat is the stuff of legend! Bards sing tales of my— H-hey! Wait! Uncle Chrooom! I have but one request. If you find the sword Mystletainn, please permit me to wield it!
    Chrom: I heard you wailing about that before. What kind of blade are we talking here?
    Owain: A legendary one, Uncle! Imbued with the very power of the gods, if the tales are to be believed. I would use its might to defend my sacred queen and mother!
    " - Owain and Chrom, Fire Emblem Awakening

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