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FESK Mjolnir.png
Artwork of Mjölnir from Genealogy of the Holy War.

Skl +5. Timeless lightning magic.


Tome (Thunder)



First game

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

Mjölnir (Japanese: トールハンマー Thor hammer) is a regalia thunder magic tome tome introduced in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. It was once wielded by Tordo of the Twelve Crusaders, created and bestowed upon him in the blood-bonding of the Miracle of Darna. It is the property of those of his lineage, the members of Grannvale's House Freege, and is restricted in use to those in possession of major Tordo Holy Blood.

A tome named Mjölnir (Japanese: ミョルニル Mjölnir) appears in Fates, but it is not known by the Japanese name Thor Hammer, and is possibly intended to be a different tome.


On his way back to Grannvale, Sigurd was confronted by Reptor, who at the time was the bearer of Mjölnir and actively used it against Sigurd's party. After Reptor's death, it was inherited by his son Bloom, who seventeen years later wielded it during his time presiding over the Manster District. At some point after his defeat at and retreat from Alster castle by Seliph's forces, Bloom gave it to his daughter Ishtar, who used it in the final confrontation with Seliph's liberation army.


Game Icon Rank Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
Genealogy of the Holy War Is snes02 mjolnir.png SNESRankThunder.png* 30 10 90 0 1-2 50 50,000 -- +20 skill, +10 speed when equipped.
Thracia 776 Is snes02 mjolnir.png SNESRankThunder.png* 20 15 90 30 1-2 50 Cannot be sold 1 Unused. The description claims that the tome gives +20 skill, +10 speed when equipped, but it actually gives no bonuses.
Awakening Is 3ds mjolnir.png 3DSRankTome.pngA 18 -- 70 20 1-2 25 0 2 +5 skill when equipped. Cannot be forged.
Fates Is 3ds02 tome.png 3DSRankTome.pngC 5 -- 75 25 1-2 -- 3,000  ? Avoid -10
Critical hits deal ×4 damage
Sells for 1,000 gold


Genealogy of the Holy War

Unobtainable Exclusively wielded by Reptor, Bloom and Ishtar. No playable unit can have major Tordo blood, and as such it is unusuable by the player.

Thracia 776

Unused If hacked into the game, it is locked to Ishtar - who herself is an unused character - and cannot be used without also hacking Ishtar in.


SpotPass distribution Available for download from June 21st, 2012JP/April 4th, 2013US/June 20th, 2013EU onward.
Treasure Infinite Regalia, chosen at random from a pool of other items.


This list may be incomplete.
Dropped by Neutral: Chapter 10, enemy Dark Mage
Armory Nohr: Level 2 (limit 1) • Level 3 (limit 2)
Rank rewards Battle Rank: 220 (limit 1)

Other appearances


  • Along with Helswath, Gungnir and Valflame, Mjölnir is one of the Crusader weapons completely inaccessible and unusable to the player in Genealogy of the Holy War. Though there are several playable members of the Freege family (Tailto, Teeny/Linda, Arthur/Amid), they all have minor Tordo blood and are unable to use the tome. It was not until Awakening that it became a playable weapon.
  • Mjölnir exists in Thracia 776 but is unused and unfinished, and is set as the personal weapon of Ishtar, who herself is also unused. If both Ishtar and Mjölnir are modified into the game the tome is functional and can be wielded by Ishtar, but has glitchy and incomplete spell animations.
  • Mjölnir's English name was leaked in the source code of the Awakening official website's page on SpotPass when it was updated on February 4, long before the tome itself was available in the game.[1]


Etymology and other languages


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