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FEA Miriel.png
Artwork of Miriel from Awakening.

A meticulous, methodical Shepherd with high standards.






February 12th


Laurent (son)

Starting class


Voiced by

Yurika Aizawa
(Japanese, Awakening)
Tara Platt
(US English, Awakening)


Miriel (ミリエル, Mirieru) is a character in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Her starting class is a mage and her appearance is based upon a classical witch. She is a member of Chrom's vigilante forces and is a methodical perfectionist. Miriel is harsh towards those who act without thought.

Fire Emblem: Awakening


Miriel first appears in Chapter 2: Shepherds, where she returns Vaike's misplaced axe. She remains with The Shepherds throughout the game.

Starting stats and growth rates

Small portrait miriel fe13.png
Level 1
Movement 5
Recruitment: Chapter 2, automatically on Turn 2.

Stats Growth Rates Stat Modifiers

Inventory Skills
Is 3ds fire.png Fire
Is 3ds iron axe.png Iron Axe
Is 3ds magic +2.png Magic +2
Weapon Ranks
3DSRankSword.png -- 3DSRankLance.png -- 3DSRankAxe.png --
3DSRankBow.png -- 3DSRankTome.png E 3DSRankStaff.png --

Reclassing options

Small portrait miriel fe13.png
Base classes:*
Mage Sage
Dark Knight
Reclass options:
Troubadour Valkyrie
War Cleric
Dark Mage Sorcerer
Dark Knight
Click here for more details on the reclassing system.

Growth rates when reclassed

Dark Knight Troubadour/Valkyrie War Cleric Dark Mage Sorcerer

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Luck Def Res
Dark Knight 85% 30% 55% 55% 55% 50% 30% 35%

Promotional stat gains

Mage Troubadour Dark Mage

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Def Res Move Weapon level
Sage +4 +1 +3 +2 +3 +2 +2 +1 3DSRankStaff.png E
Dark Knight +9 +4 +1 +3 +1 +7 +2 +3 3DSRankSword.png E

Skill set

Skill Learned at
Is 3ds magic +2.png Magic +2 Mage, level 1
Is 3ds focus.png Focus Mage, level 10
Is 3ds rally magic.png Rally Magic Sage, level 5
Is 3ds tomefaire.png Tomefaire Sage, level 15
Is 3ds slow burn.png Slow Burn Dark Knight, level 5
Is 3ds lifetaker.png Lifetaker Dark Knight, level 15
Is 3ds resistance +2.png Resistance +2 Troubadour, level 1
Is 3ds demoiselle.png Demoiselle Troubadour, level 10
Is 3ds rally resistance.png Rally Resistance Valkyrie, level 5
Is 3ds dual support+.png Dual Support+ Valkyrie, level 15
Is 3ds rally luck.png Rally Luck War Cleric, level 5
Is 3ds renewal.png Renewal War Cleric, level 15
Is 3ds hex.png Hex Dark Mage, level 1
Is 3ds anathema.png Anathema Dark Mage, level 10
Is 3ds vengeance.png Vengeance Sorcerer, level 5
Is 3ds tomebreaker.png Tomebreaker Sorcerer, level 15
The above skill list does not include skills obtained exclusively via DLC.

Personality and character

Miriel is a highly-intelligent mage who spends the majority of her free time organizing her personal belongings or observing others' battle techniques. The most superfluous packer.


Main article: Miriel/Supports


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