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Great Knight

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Great Knight

FESK Great Knight.png
Artwork of the Great Knight from the TCG.

A seasoned knight or cavalier. Wields swords, lances, axes.


The Great Knight or Axe Paladin (Japanese: グレートナイト Great Knight, or 斧騎将 Great Knight) is an advanced mounted class, primarily axe-wielders, which debuted in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. The class exists divided into two variations over the course of the Fire Emblem series, which share some fundamental similarities with each other but are intended somewhat differently.

In its original incarnation in Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776 and Radiant Dawn, the Great Knight (Axe Paladin in Radiant Dawn) is the promoted version of the Axe Knight, exclusively wields axes, and is a counterpart to its fellow weapon-specific advanced mounted classes: Bow Knight/Bow Paladin, Duke Knight/Lance Paladin and Ranger/Blade Paladin. In Thracia 776, Great Knights are forced to dismount to enter buildings or participate in chapters set entirely indoors, and when doing so are forced to wield swords instead. The second variation is that of The Sacred Stones, Awakening, and Fates, acting as a promoted class for both Cavaliers and Knights, and possessing access to swords, lances and axes in equal measure.

In both cases, Great Knights are built to be bulkier and more defensively-oriented than their mounted counterparts by possessing greater HP and defense and slightly superior strength at the expense of lower skill and speed, though this is more pronounced in the Sacred Stones/Awakening version of the class. The Sacred Stones/Awakening variant is designed as a hybrid between mounted and armored classes, possessing the weaknesses of both categories and acting as a mid-point between the stat spreads of the two; similarly, the Sacred Stones/Awakening/Fates version possesses lower movement than all other advanced mounted classes, while the Genealogy of the Holy War/Thracia 776/Radiant Dawn version possesses equal movement to its counterparts.


Base stats

Game HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Movement Constitution Weapon Rank
Genealogy of the Holy War 40 12 0 7 7 0 10 3 9 -- SNESRankAxe.png A
Thracia 776
24 5 1 6 6 0 5 -- 9 9 SNESRankAxe.png D
Thracia 776
24 4 1 5 4 0 4 -- 6 9 SNESRankSword.png E
The Sacred Stones 21/20 8/6 -- 4/6 6/7 0 11/9 3 6 13/10 GBARankSword.gif E GBARankLance.gif D Axe D
Radiant Dawn
33/35 18/11 5/1 16/6 16/8 0 15/10 10/3 9 11/8 WiiRankAxe.png C
Radiant Dawn
(Part 4 enemies)
38 20 7 18 18 0 17 12 9 11 WiiRankAxe.png A
Awakening 26 11 0 6 5 0 14 1 7 -- 3DSRankSword.png E 3DSRankLance.png E 3DSRankAxe.png E
Fates 21 10 0 6 6 3 10 2 7 -- 3DSRankSword.png ? 3DSRankLance.png ? 3DSRankAxe.png ?

Max stats

Game HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Movement Constitution Weapon Rank
Genealogy of the Holy War 80 27 15 22 22 30 25 18  ? -- SNESRankAxe.png A
Thracia 776 80 20 20 20 20 20 20 -- 20 20 SNESRankAxe.png A*/SNESRankSword.png A*
The Sacred Stones 60 28/26 -- 24/26 24/25 30 29/28 25/26 15 25 GBARankSword.gif S GBARankLance.gif S Axe S*
Radiant Dawn
45 26 15 25 23/25 30 24/22 16  ?  ? WiiRankAxe.png S
Radiant Dawn
(Part 4 enemies)
58 34 17 33 29 30 28 22  ?  ? WiiRankAxe.png SS
Awakening 80 48 20 34 37 45 48 30 9 -- 3DSRankSword.png A 3DSRankLance.pngA 3DSRankAxe.png A
Fates 65 35 25 29 27 28 37 28  ?? -- 3DSRankSword.png B 3DSRankLance.png A 3DSRankAxe.png B

Class growth rates

Game HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Constitution* Movement*
The Sacred Stones 70% 30% -- 20/25% 15/20% 20% 21% 20/22% -- --
Radiant Dawn
45 26 15 25 23/25% 30 24/22% 16% -- --
Radiant Dawn
(Part 4 enemies)
105% 75% 55% 80% 60% 80% 60% 55% -- --
Awakening 50% 25% 0% 15% 10% 0% 15% 5% -- --
Fates 20% 20% 0% 10% 5% 5% 20% 0% -- --
Click here for more details on the mechanics of class growths in each game.

Class skills

Game Skill Learning conditions
Genealogy of the Holy War
Thracia 776
The Sacred Stones
Radiant Dawn
Is wii canto.png Canto Innate; hidden and unnamed in all appearances except Radiant Dawn.
Is 3ds luna.png Luna Learned at level 5.
Awakening Is 3ds dual guard+.png Dual Guard+ Learned at level 15.
Fates Is 3ds diamond strike.png Diamond Strike Learned from level 15.

Class change

Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776

Base class Promotion method Advanced class
Bs fe04 lex axe knight axe.png
Axe Knight
Choosing the "Promote" option at a home castle* / Using a Knight Proof after reaching level 10.* Bs fe04 lex great knight axe.png
Great Knight

The Sacred Stones, Awakening, Fates

Base class Promotion method Advanced class
Bs fe08 franz cavalier lance.png
Bs fe08 gilliam knight lance.png
Using an Knight Crest*/Master Seal* after reaching Level 10. Bs fe08 franz great knight lance.png
Great Knight

Radiant Dawn

Base class Promotion method Advanced class Promotion method Advanced class

Axe Knight
Using a Master Seal after reaching level 10, or reaching level 21.
Axe Paladin
Using a Master Crown after reaching level 10, or reaching level 21.
Gold Knight

Playable Great Knights/Axe Paladins

Playable Characters
Name Game
Duessel The Sacred Stones
Kieran Radiant Dawn
Titania Radiant Dawn, Awakening
Frederick Awakening
Mycen Awakening
Ephraim Awakening
Gunter Fates
Playable Great Knight units in the Fire Emblem series.

Notable enemy Great Knights/Axe Paladins

Enemy Units
Name Game
Slayder Genealogy of the Holy War First Generation
Schmidt Genealogy of the Holy War Second Generation
Fisher Genealogy of the Holy War Second Generation
Aias The Sacred Stones
Lombroso Radiant Dawn
Pieri Fates: Birthright
Gunter Fates: Invisible Kingdom
Enemy Great Knight units in the Fire Emblem series.



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