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Is 3ds demoiselle.png
Icon of the Demoiselle skill in Awakening and Fates.

Grants Avo/Ddg +10 to all male allies within three spaces.*
Male allies within two spaces receive -2 damage in combat.*




Demoiselle (深窓の令嬢 Secluded Lady) is a skill which debuted in Fire Emblem Awakening. It grants a boon to the evasive/defensive abilities of all male units within proximity of the user; it has no effect on neighboring female units.


Game Icon Effect Activation Capacity Notes
Awakening Is 3ds demoiselle.png +10 Avoid and Critical evade to all male allied units within a 3-tile radius of the user. -- -- --
Fates Is 3ds demoiselle.png +2 Defense to all male allied units within a 2-tile radius of the user. -- -- --



Units CeciliaEthlynL'ArachelRaquesisNynaSophiaUrsula
Units (Inheritance)* Brady, if Maribelle's fifth skill • Gerome, if Cherche's fifth skill • Laurent, if Miriel's fifth skill • Owain, if Lissa's fifth skill
Classes Troubadour (Learned at Level 10)


Units All campaigns: Felicia
Nohr and neutral campaigns only: Flora
Classes Rod Knight (Learned from level 10 and up, female units only)


  • Despite being explicitly associated with women by its names in both languages, Demoiselle can in fact be inherited by male units from their mothers and used just as equally by them.
  • Demoiselle is one of only two skills in Fates available on to a specific gender on an otherwise gender-neutral class. The other is its counterpart for male Rod Knights, Distinguished Son.


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