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FERK Armads.png
Artwork of Armads from Fire Emblem.

Def +5. A timeless weapon.





First game

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

Armads (Japanese: アルマーズ Almace), also known as the Thunder Axe (Japanese: 天雷の斧 Thunder Axe), is a regalia axe introduced in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. It is one of the eight legendary weapons of the continent Elibe, forged to combat dragons in the Scouring and originally wielded by Durban the Berserker of the Eight Generals.


At the height of the Scouring, Armads was forged alongside the other Elibian legendary weapons, and was entrusted to Durban; its immense size prevented ordinary warriors from being able to wield it.[1] During his time wielding it, Durban came to identify strongly with Armads, considering himself and the axe to be one and the same and adopting Armads's name as his own.[2] At the conclusion of the Scouring, Durban enshrined Armads in a cavern in the Western Isles, near what would later become the capital Jutes, whereupon it was sealed by Bramimond; after his death, Durban's spirit came to be bound to the axe's resting place, and the ghosts of soldies once loyal to Durban occupied the cave as guards. Durban believed that the immense power of Armads would doom any who wield it to a violent death in combat.[3]

980 years after the Scouring, on the advice of Durban's comrade Athos, Hector of Ostia sought Armads to assist in the conflict against Nergal. Upon clearing the cave of its guards, he was granted access to Armads by Durban, considering Durban's warnings of a violent doom to be a risk worth taking if it meant aiding Eliwood. Following Ninian's demise, Hector was reluctant to wield Armads until the final confrontation at the Dragon's Gate, in which he resumed its use. Following Nergal's defeat, Hector returned Armads to its shrine, but even a year later he claimed that he could still feel the axe's power within himself.[4] Durban's prophecy would later come true, as Hector ultimately died in battle at Araphen in the Disturbance of Bern, fighting Brunnya and Narcian.

Twenty years later in the Disturbance of Bern, Armads was sought by the Lycian commander Roy during his campaign in the Western Isles, who had to confront a bandit group which had been tasked by the Bern army with destroying the cave and preventing Roy from accessing the axe.


Game Icon Rank Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
The Binding Blade Is gba armads.png S 18 13 75 0 1 20 Cannot be sold 1 +5 Defense when equipped. Deals effective damage to dragon units.
Fire Emblem Is gba armads.png Prf* 18 18 85 0 1 25 Cannot be sold 1 +5 Defense when equipped. Deals effective damage to dragon units.
Awakening Is 3ds armads.png A 17 -- 80 10 1 25 0 2 +5 Defense when equipped.


The Binding Blade

Event Chapter 12x, closing cutscene

Fire Emblem

Inventory Athos


Treasure Infinite Regalia, chosen at random from a pool of other items.
SpotPass distribution Available for download from August 2nd, 2012JP/May 16th, 2013US/August 1st, 2013EU onward.


  • Between the GBA games and Awakening, Armads experienced a significant redesign; whereas its original design was a conventional axe, its Awakening incarnation bears a stronger resemblance to a scythe.
  • Armads is the only one of the Elibean legendary weapons to appear in Awakening; although the Sol Katti appears too, it is not actually part of the group of eight Scouring weapons.
    • Armads has also made more appearances than any other Elibean regalia.


Etymology and other languages


  1. "This battle axe is so tremendous that normal men cannot even lift it. However, it's possible that you might be strong enough." - Athos, Fire Emblem
  2. "Durban: My name is... Durban... I am called Armads...
    Hector: What is going on here?
    Durban: I am power. Power without peer. I am the dragonhunter. I am the fleshbiter, the bonecrusher, the skullbreaker, the doombringer.
    Hector: ......
    Durban: I require no seals. I have no need of this idleness called peace. Power unused is power wasted. Better to lie spent in the grave than to sit in wait. I care not who... I would fight someone...
    " - Durban and Hector, Fire Emblem
  3. "You desire strength? Then prepare yourself. Once you have gained such power... Your life will not end in a comfortable bed. You will die on the battlefield. In the savage garden of war's bloody delights." - Durban, Fire Emblem
  4. "I sealed Armads away, like it used to be, but... I can still feel its power pulsing inside me." - Hector, Fire Emblem
  5. Serenes Forest: Mythological references